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We offer great deals on the latest high-efficiency brand name heat pump systems, air conditioning units, and furnaces for residential and commercial heating and cooling needs. We employ some of the best air conditioner installation technicians the Tri-Cites area has to offer!

Give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate for the replacement of your equipment.

Your Trusted Local Heat Pump Expert

Heat Pump

Offers heating and cooling modes, along with filtering and circulation of air. Dual-fuel and electrical heating options are also available to add to heat pump systems. Perfect for heating and cooling needs like houses, buildings, and larger spaces. Our expert HVAC technicians will evaluate your heating and cooling needs and we’ll offer you a great deal on a brand new heat pump for the best value possible!

Mini Split

Your Trusted Local Gas Furnace Expert

90 Percent Furnaces

90 percent furnaces are highly energy-efficient. A condensing furnace with an AFUE of 90 percent or above incorporates a secondary heat exchanger to recover that lost energy. Combustion gases are diverted into a condensing phase and heat released as the gases condense to water is extracted by the secondary exchanger. This boosts the furnace AFUE percentage and lowers operating costs. Call us to find out which 90 percent furnaces we install.

80 Percent Furnaces


We also offer Thermostat installation to bring the highest technology to bear on creating comfort and savings for our customers. Ask us about our thermostat and selection of gas furnaces.