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Silver $150

(2) Yearly 30 minute Tune-ups

Silver Maintenance Services:

  • Check Thermostat & Terminals
  • Inspect Wiring for Wear/Damage
  • Inspect, Adjust, Tighten Electrical Connections
  • Check Capacitors & Contactors
  • Inspect Circuit Boards
  • Inspect Service Breakers, Disconnects, & Fuses
  • Test System Safety Controls & Startup Cycle
  • Check Sequencers & Relay Switches
  • Test Blower Fan Motor Amperes
  • Check Blower Wheel
  • Test Emergency Heat Kit/Heat Strips
  • Test Condenser Motor Amperes
  • Check Condenser Fan Blade
  • Test Compressor Amperes
  • Check Service Valves & Schrader’s Cores
  • Tighten Loose Screws
  • Inspect Evaporator & Condenser Coils**
  • Measure Refrigerant Levels
  • Inspect Freon Pressure Safeties
  • Check Refrigerant Lines
  • Check Reversing Valve
  • Check Condensate Pump & Drain Pan
  • Test Condensate System & Purge Drain Lines
  • Check System Airflow
  • Check Air Filters
  • Check Furnace Burners***
  • Inspect Gas Piping & Gas Valve
  • Inspect Flue Pipe/Venting System
  • Check Pilot Burner/Flame Ignitor
  • Check Flame Sensor & Furnace Safeties
  • Test Induction Fan Motor & Vent Pressure Safeties
  • Discuss Optimal Carbon Monoxide Detectors Location
  • Examine the Belts for Any Signs of Damage or Cracks

12-Month Coverage Plan, 30-Day Replacement Parts Warranty.

(2) 30-Minute Preventative Maintenance Visits during a 12-month period. Unused visits may be transferred to a new annual contract.

(1) Proof of Maintenance Certificate

$5 off Parts Coupon

10% off Belts & Filters

Professional Tools & Equipment Access

Fast Priority Scheduling

Equipment Membership includes savings on diagnostic and labor fees, fast priority-scheduling, cheap after-hours rates, reduced freon prices, builder’s pricing on parts, seasonal member coupons, wholesale equipment bundles, thermostat deals, & 30-day parts warranty.

Membership Flat Rate Pricing:
Installed PRO Thermostat (Thermostat & Labor*) $99
Motor Run Start Capacitors (up to 45/5 MFD) (Parts & Labor) $99
Contactors (Single or 2-Pole, Residential) (Parts & Labor) $99
Freon per LB (Freon with Tech Freon Balancing) $50/lb
Refrigerant Leak Stop (Parts & Labor) $130
Condensate Pump (Parts & Labor) $99
Mastic Sealant Roll (Part only) $50
Rescue Condenser Motor (Condenser Motor only) $250
Rescue Blower Motor (Blower Motor only) $250
1500 KW Space Heater $35
Diagnostic Visit Fee (Normal Hours) $65
Diagnostic Visit Fee — Afterhours/Holiday $99
(1) Tech Service Rate — Normal Hours 75
(1) Tech Service Rate — Afterhours/Holiday $99
(2) Tech Service Rate — Normal Hours $120
(2) Tech Service Rate — Afterhours/Holiday $130
(3) Tech Service Rate — Normal Hours $180
(3) Tech Service Rate — Afterhours/Holiday $195
(4) Tech Service Rate — Normal Hours $240
(4) Tech Service Rate — Afterhours/Holiday $260
Schrader’s Cores Replacement $30
Coil Cleaning $125

Our Skilled Technicians Service Any Brand of Furnace, Heat Pump, Air Conditioner, or Mini Split. Keep Your System Running Smoothly & Your Warranties Current with Regular Maintenance.

For additional systems, $50 for each additional system membership. Also, please note that air filters and belts are sold at market price. We do not clean reusable air filters on the Silver plan. Upgrade to the Platinum plan for reusable air filter cleaning options.

Non-Refundable After 1st Visit.

*New thermostat installation does not cover or include any modifications needed to the wiring. Modifications to existing wires or new wiring is an additional cost.

**This does not include coils cleaning – whether corrective or preventative – those services require setting up an appointment for a coil cleaning, which is $125 per coil cleaned.

***This does not include boroscoping the heat exchanger, this is a separate service that would need a $65 service fee

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