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I found some articles that talk about the latest trends in HVAC. Let’s summarize…

According to Forbes, supply chain shortages are impacting HVAC repair and replace plans for everyone — multifamily, commercial and individual homeowners are all feeling the impact of a supply chain where waiting times for parts can be weeks or even months¹.

Rheem Manufacturing Company states that sustainable, intelligent solutions are important to bring to the market that can truly make a difference for the environment. When speaking with homeowners, contractors should educate them on their portfolio of products².

Cielo Breez states that extreme climate conditions, infrastructure developments, and a rising focus on comfort are the main factors driving the growth of the HVAC market in the country. Annual shipment of heat pumps increased from 2.3 million units in 2015 to 3.4 million in 2020³.

According to LinkedIn, the rise of smart HVAC systems is one of the top trends for new trends in HVAC industry in 2023. Other trends include optimizing HVAC using data-driven approach, geothermal heat pumps awaiting their moment, AI meets HVAC, focus on green consumerism, ductless HVAC will continue to grow, AR will transform HVAC maintenance efficiency and digital zoning & remote work¹.

Bob Vila states that new tax credits for energy-efficient heat pumps, affordable smart thermostats, and a demand for filters that can fight viruses are among the top trends for HVAC installation in 2023. These new technologies and tax credits can save you money on utility bills while helping foot the bill for a more energy-efficient HVAC system².

Environment Masters states that the 2023 HVAC regulation changes will vary by region. In the Southeast, minimum efficiency requirements will increase from 14.0 to 15.0 SEER — same goes for Southwest. In the North, the standards will rise from 13.0 to 14.0 SEER³.

The HVAC industry is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer needs. Here are some of the predicted HVAC trends for 2023:

  1. Green Technology: With an increased focus on sustainability, HVAC systems that reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint would be highly sought after.
  2. Smart Home Integration: As smart home technology becomes more commonplace, HVAC systems that can be integrated into these systems to provide a seamless experience are expected to be popular.
  3. Air Purification: The pandemic has highlighted the importance of clean air, and air purification technology will likely continue to be a major trend in HVAC systems.
  4. Connected Systems: HVAC systems that can be remotely monitored and controlled via mobile apps are expected to become more popular.
  5. Heat Pumps: Heat pumps, which provide both heating and cooling functions, are expected to grow in popularity due to their high energy efficiency.
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  • #HVACtrends2023. Here are some trending key phrases for HVAC:
  • The HVAC technician job market is expected to grow by 13.6% between 2014 and 2024. By 2030, the HVAC field will experience an 8% increase in job growth. It is anticipated that there will be about 38,500 openings for mechanics and installers each year.

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