Pure & Clean Portable (120V) Plug-in Air Scrubber by Aerus (Ozone Free), Whole Home/Office Air System

The Aerus Pure & Clean Portable (120V) Plug-in uses ActivePure® Technology to significantly reduce viruses, bacteria and other contaminants in the ambient air and surfaces in large indoor spaces up to 2,000 sq. ft. Read more about ActivePure® Technology here.


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Innovative Technology, Purified Surfaces and Air + Earth-friendly Solutions. Certified Space Technology.

Uses the same ActivePure® Technology that was proven to reduce over 99.9% of the surface and airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

The Aerus Pure & Clean reduced 99.96% of the airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus within 3 minutes in testing done at a FDA-compliant military lab.

New and improved ActivePure® Technology is the most powerful surface and air purification ever discovered that is safe for use in spaces occupied by people and pets

Provides continuous surface decontamination and air purification in real time

Over a decade of testing, patented ActivePure® Technology has been proven to reduce over 99.9% of many common airborne and surface contaminants including viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, VOCs, smoke, allergens, and odors

The Aerus Pure & Clean combines multiple complementary technologies, including positive and negative multi-point and RF ion generation, HEPA, and activated carbon

Easily portable due to small size and light weight

Designed for simple cleaning and maintenance

ActivePure® Technology uses high-intensity UVC light and a catalytic process to produce scrubber ions and hydro-peroxides that inactivate contaminants on surfaces and in the air.

Primary technology in an FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Device.

Inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2017 and is the only Certified Space Technology product in its class.

Ongoing 2-year double-blind study with the Cleveland Clinic.

Used by 29 professional baseball teams.

NOTE: Request the ozone producing PURE & CLEAN PORTABLE AIR SCRUBBER, SKU # A1041A-A00747 here.

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